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From: Tim Stillman
Subject: gay male young friends "Haden and Barry Get russian pageants video nude
Laid and Stoned"Haden and Barry Get Laid and Stoned
Timothy Stillman
"Man, you are one blowing dude.""Hey, Haden, you made more cum this time. Here, wanna taste it?""Come on, Barry, that's my own cum.""Okey doke. You're missin' a treat, man."So Barry swallowed the last of Haden's sticky white load. And then he
lay on gay russian
his back next to his friend. They were both naked and still hard.
They were in summer time. School to start again in one month. They were
in their favorite spot, behind the band building. extrem porn russian It was 11:30 p.m."I like the feeling, man. Here, try some."Haden passed the joint to Barry who took a toke and enjoyed the rush way
deep inside, like the sun was lighting him in there somewhere, all warm
and bright day glow, and said, "Hey, Haden, you got great pubes.""Sure. Better than yours."Barry frogged Haden in the arm. Barry made sure the roach was safe. Then
it began--a bout of wrestling round on the hot onion smelling grass. They
were sweating up a storm. They held each other in mid-grapple, then
realized what they were doing and unclenched. Barry sat up cross-legged.
And Haden was with his mouth at Barry's dick.Haden blew gently sweet Afton on it, which made Barry giggle. They were
stoners for sure.Then without warning, Haden, swift as lightning, sucked deep and quickly,
Barry's little pink barber pole in his wonderful Haden mouth, as Barry
checked for a second the joint down on the ground, said "Hold on naked russian schoolgirls a sec"
to Haden, then carefully closed the roach. Delicate. It was worth its
weight in gold. Gold!!!! Tijuana gold and Barry giggled goofily."OK, go for it, man," Barry said, wiggling his toes and fingers.Then Barry said, "Oh Christ, man, you are like a vacuum cleaner." Barry
looked at Haden's butt, which was a puff out kind, the cheeks of which
Barry liked to squeeze. He felt Haden's mouth all hot and small and
moist and those tickling teeth, as Haden gave Barry a blowjob to
remember. As if he ever gave one Barry would not remember.Barry spread his legs as Haden tgp russian boys
gripped Barry's tight balls and ran one
hand down Barry's thighs as Barry leaned over and gripped the top of
Haden's head, all that matted long gold hair, and said, "Oh suck me,
man, make me cum a gallon. Suck me good, man. Yeah. Feels like russian off highway truck you're
ripping me. Oh Christ, I'm gonna..."And a moment later he discharged into Haden's selfish, greedy mouth, and
came lots. Haden pulled up his head and then his body and stuck his cummy
lips on his friend's mouth. And they kissed and deep throated for a long
time, as each exchanged Barry's cum and swallowed it.When they were through, Barry said, "My cum tasted free russian nudism
good.""Oh it was my mouth tasted good," Haden giggled and re-lit the roach.The stars and the moon looked down on them and the night was a sweet
natured tiger they rode."Hey, Haden," Barry said lazily as Haden passed him the roach, coughing
a bit.Haden said, "What, man?"Barry inhaled and said, "Look, dude, it's sexy russian women wanting
like this. We gotta be in the
eighth grade next month. And it really russian pageants video nude
really blows."Haden played with his own cock and pinched his own nipples, floating, he
was, lost in space, TV series or movie, take your pick, Lucille."Cause we gotta get fuckin' serious then."Haden smiled dreamily as he flicked his dick now on Barry's hard little
rubbery tits."We serious now, dude." Haden put his dick to Barry's mouth. And said,
"Lick mah fuckin' fuck stick, dude."Which Barry happily did.Licked it good and boy juicy."Nah," Barry said, afterward, passing the last of the grass to his fuck
buddy. "Nah, I mean it's fuckin' high school----"Haden laughed. "We're getting' ready for HIGH SCHOOL right now..." And
he turned on his side and played with Barry's sparse brown pubic hair,
then leaning over and putting the side of his face to Barry's crotch,
soft and warm and downy felt Haden's face. Barry's hard dick against
Haden's soft cheek. Then Haden finished the smoke and leaned over to place it where one or
the other of them would remember and take it with them to throw away."Haden, man, I just--we're gonna be men in high school....""Bullshit," Haden said, "Lick my balls, man."So Barry did.Later on, naturists in russian Barry said, I want you to fuck me, man."Then they both kind of zoned out for a while, holding close to each
other, closer than they would ever admit to russian sex girls free
each other or to themselves.Then Barry knelt on his hands and knees and Haden got on his knees, both
boys were pretty wobbly, now, wasted with sex and with grass, but Haden
finally aimed his cock into Barry's ass hole and they fucked and it felt
more good than bad, so it was super cool when Haden's wad shot into
Barry and Barry felt Haden collapse on the grass on his back as Barry
kneeled to him and licked Haden's cum off Haden's own glorious cock.It was getting close to going home time. Barry said, "We'll be men.""What?"Haden was getting his butt cheeks licked by Barry, who then opened them
apart and stuck his tongue down Haden's little coral and pink hole, and
he said, "So what, goooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
fuck russian cock sucker does that feel good." And he backed his ass into Barry's mouth and
they had some action that way too.Barry didn't want to tell Haden that high school meant the end. That
Haden looked forward to being a man. That Barry wanted to stay a boy
forever and wanted Haden to stay a boy forever. That he wanted nothing to
change. Not ever. Haden couldn't wait for things to change, quickly.
Haden wanted Potter's Town to be gaudy with bars and gambling halls and
dangerous men with pencil thin mustaches and women with big tits and lots
of nude russian jigsaw puzzles sex and lots of getting wasted on things lots stronger than weed. And
Barry wanted just the opposite.So when it was getting close to going home time, and they were putting on
their free russian sex pics
clothes, Barry said, "Wait."Haden was just beginning to put on his briefs."Let me," Barry said.And thus did Barry get Haden to do a reverse strip act. Barry pulling on
Haden's briefs and stopping for a fucking russian girl porn long suck or two, then pulling them up
and then Haden's shorts and then the tennis shoes. When he was through,
Barry looked closely at Haden's slate gray eyes and little boy, still,
face.They looked at each other for a few moments, then Haden dressed Barry,
kissing Barry's dick, hard, like Haden's, and then pulling up Barry's
Superman underroos, at which Haden had never russian pregnant photos laughed or made a yr russian porn snotty
remark about--he knew what things were sacred and what things were
not--then Barry's summer shorts, and the tennis shoes.They were sad for a minute. Barry knew why. And illegal russian seks
though he didn't think
Haden knew why, he did.So, dressed, bare chested, they hugged. Then broke from each other's
arms. Feeling more than a little giddy and embarrassed and still pretty
high."Tomorrow night, Barry?"Barry picked up the roach, to be thrown in the gutter down the street,
and said, "Got it, dude."Then they walked to their homes. And there was now space between them, a
new thing, late at night, when no one saw them, russian xxx free preview as they walked down the
center of the streets; Barry, no longer walking side by side with him,
but a little behind Joel, so, if anyone were to notice them, that person
would have thought they were two strangers who happened, by coincidence,
to be going the same way for a while before they each went a russian and japanese sex
direction.No crazy walks now. Only contemplation for both of them as they walked,
way too sober now, watched the concrete slide under their feet.You might have assumed Barry was walking behind Haden, just a little, out
of awkwardness and respect for the stranger up there to have his own
privacy; indeed, even wanting Haden to walk a little further up, and
their turning points to be sooner.There might have been no reason for Barry to do this now, perhaps,
according Joel this favor, not wanting Haden to be embarrassed if anyone
mistook Barry for someone Haden knew. At the moment, Haden might not be
thinking that, but, in the days and months to come, Haden might want just
that.Who is not a prognosticator when a certain future looms up and there is
no denying it, only the walking toward it, no matter how you resist, when
hope is for never?Barry tossed the roach tiny russian pon
in the gutter. And they went on their way.
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